15 comments on “168/366 The Office

  1. Nice set up. Glad that you are trying to keep small and family run. I find as an artist that I prefer the personal touch (us artists are very vain and ego driven) that small framers give. You are in general made to feel special and your art work is appreciated. Where are you located?

  2. Looks like some quality work on display in your studio. Question for you………I’d be interested to know the actual image size of the panos……..not including the mat.

      • Thanks, Steve…………….have been practicing these but gave up as I couldn’t get a height that I thought would be good enough for framing.

  3. Oops, accidentally commented from a blog I have been working on for a friend. You can remove the comment from ingsan. 🙂

    • No Mike we don’t….not sure we would be able to cope with the extra work it might generate as we are already extremely busy (we count ourselves very lucky in this climate). We used to do some artwork selling on eBay but so many items arrived broken at the other end it wasn’t worth the hassle

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