9 comments on “108/366 Debris

  1. We regularly walk the road ditches to pick up trash that people spread . Funny how you can tell just how long it took someone to eat the lunch they purchased in town by the place where they discarded it in the country.

  2. While we have similar days here, I have never seen the gatherings on display as posted here….makes a wonderful statement and would hopefully make people more mindful of the impact of careless discards.

  3. Hi Steve,
    It’s amazing the stuff people throw away, why couldn’t they just put it in the trash bin. I always knot the plastic bags so they won’t wind up on an animal. Have a great day!


  4. we are surrounded by canals which need yearly cleaning, the debris that turns up is frightening… even with the obvious bins junk still gets carelessly tossed into the water…

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