16 comments on “80/366 Money

  1. Great post for the theme. Keep looking at the matte….thinking that had to take a lot of calculating to get everything so well lined up and cut. Do you do that yourself or do you send out for the matte? For all I know about matting, perhaps it’s a fairly simple thing to do with the right tools, but it looks like a major headache to me!

    • Easy peasy when you have a computerised mat cutter like I have…..expensive bit of kit but we are so busy that I couldn’t keep up with the work if I didn’t have one 😉

    • It is just a legal diffrence between legal tender and promissary note….only the bank of England can issue legal tender for use across the whole of UK….Scottish and Irish banks can issue notes for use in their own countries

  2. Cool! and beautifully framed. I have once had a Scottish note refused in England too, after having been to Scotland on holiday and had some notes left that I took to England the coming year. But that was a long time ago now, years since we last went to Scotland too come to think of it. Time for another visit soon.

  3. this would be a good image to practise the ‘filter>distort>lens correction’ PS action to straighten it up.
    Fascinating to see all the different/same notes together and interesting that they are promissory notes rather than guaranteed – are they ever refused, or is it just a ‘power’ thing 🙂
    finally tricked wordpress into letting me comment by opening a wordpress account…

    • Yes they are refused….before I moved to England, during visits I have had notes refused. I always felt the best response was ‘ well this is all I have; if you won’t take it then you have lost a sale’…that seemed to change their mind 😀

  4. Scottish promisary Notes! Are they worth the Haggis they are printed on??? What will they buy in Australia.

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