23 comments on “79/366 Turbulent

  1. Did you use a filter with your long exposure, or was it dark enough that you didn’t have to? Just now playing around with long exposure and I find it fascinating. Your photo is beautiful.

    • Not on this one Kathryn…it was dark enough…only filter on board was a Circulat polariser to reduce any reflection from the rocks….I am saving for a 10 stop ND filter to allow long exposures in daytime (presently I have a 3 stop but its not enough during daylight hours)

  2. Thank you all for the comments here….I was really pleased the way this one came out as it was 0.8 sec handheld (well braced against a railing actually)…I think this may be an entry for next years Photo Club Comp

  3. Wow, Steve. What an inspiring photograph! I love everything about this one: wonderful depth, tone, composition, softness…. It’s a fantastic image! This is one of my favorites of yours so far.

  4. Wow. Seriously, there is nothing I can say other than this is the kind of photo I wish I’d shot. It’s jut remarkable, incredible, awesome, breathtaking…and if I tried to analyze it to say why, I’d feel like I was being pompous, and it still wouldn’t do it justice. It puts me in mind of mystical seas.

  5. Hubble Hubble toil And Trouble;
    Cauldron Boil, Cauldron Bubble,
    Lay on with a will MacDuff,
    That looks like a Brau Casserole indeed!

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