13 comments on “73/366 Faucet

  1. Well worth seeing full size. How cool that it has such fancy details for what was such a prosaic thing. I love the lichen on the trough.

  2. great find – the contrast between the old tap and the new car in the background is interesting too, though I wish it wasn’t there for your image’s sake 🙂

  3. we still have those in the cemetaries here, this looks old world and I like your dappled sunlight

  4. Looks like a Horse Trough Pump to me. Tap Dancing is dangerous cause your feet can slip and you may fall in the sink!

  5. I think we can safely say it isn’t operational but my favorite part is the trough…looks like 1 piece of stone.
    I saw a show recently on the hand carving of these.

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