16 comments on “71a/366 Seashore

  1. Looks like I’m in the minority, but I just love the duotone. The warmth in the sky glints off the cool sleek tones of the tones. Somehow, it seems to bring out the detains in the pool in the foreground. It just feels more full of light. Either way, an impressive photo.

  2. First of all I have to say I love this kind of post where people are asked for their opinion….an invitation to learning! Having missed a few of your posts….hard to keep up with the 366 ers…..I have come in at the end of this discussion. However, seeing all three images, I think the suggestions to crop were right on! The crop has defined your DOF from stones in front to horizon line in back. Wonderful!!!! Of the two posted above, I prefer the top one and might even prefer a straight B&W.

  3. The crop does enhance the shape of those beautiful rocks/pebbles and the duotone adds to the warmth. Personally I like the cool tone you showed here as #1, always lean toward moody looks.

  4. I’m impressed to everybody who posts every day! I struggle with weekly ones right now, total lack of fantasy and lust…. This is a great composition and this criopped version is even better, the small “pool” at front shows better. Lots of intersting structures. Not being a BW fan I prefer it this time 🙂

  5. The crop and the B+W put the finishing touches on a nice scene. Wish I was there even though it was 65 here in New Jersey.

  6. The simplicity of B&W and complexity of the rocks, surf and clouds means I like the first image best – the colour adds an etherial feel but the image doesn’t need it. I would try and soften the central highlight just enough so it doesn’t draw the eye as much, but that’s just me – others might like that spark of brightness

  7. I agree with both comments. They’re both beautiful, but I do like the stark contrast of the first.

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