21 comments on “64/366 Contrast

  1. I love the way you shot this to enhance the effect of the contrast in colors. How did you manage to equalize the light between the interior and exterior?

    • I took my light reading off the green door…green is a good fallback for neutral grey to get good exposure and white balance…but then I’m sure you know that already 😉

  2. Great colours, love the word details and the way that only one of the owners has painted the roof – maybe the same on painted only half-way down the adjoining wall. I’d love to know the story behind the outhouse paint war…

  3. cool colour contrasts and I like your framing (your other photos are quite delightful too~’serious’ (in english) as my charge of 10 years old said or ‘grave’ (in french) when she looked at them with me~or in plain english beautiful..; < )

    • I think Ron got it right…these are ‘Dunnies’ or outside toilets….obviously not used for that purpose now but these were common in older properties

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