12 comments on “56/366 Perspective

  1. The perspective really shows off the depth in this image….the lines then break then lines again really add excitement to the image!

  2. Interesting! I like how we can only actually see one of the windows, but 5 sets of shutters. I have a related culture question, since this issue of shutters just came up in one of my French classes. The French are very fond of their shutters and usually shut them every night (this culturally ingrained habit probably dates back to wartime). My American students were fascinated by this idea, since they have grown up with purely decorative shutters. They are (generally… I know there are exceptions, of course) not functional at all and do not close. How about in your neck of the woods?

    • I can’t comment on all the shutters in this area, but these ones do slide together. This house is located right on the bank of the Estuary so probably to keep the storm water at bay. As to whether they actually close them I don’t know. We have internal shutters on our own house windows and we use them every night (instead of curtains).

  3. beautifully truncated Vanishing point! I was at the supermarket yesterday with Sally and she said something that encouraged me to refer to her as a Pom! Being from Swansea she never takes that well, but a Lady at the end of the Aisle, replied in a thick Brogue, “I’m from Glasgow! and I will inform you that some people object to being called Poms”! I told her I had a friend called Steve who feels the same way, which gives a perspective on the Commonwealth today! We all dislike Poms. LoL

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