5 comments on “54a/366 Automotive – contrast boost

  1. Hey Steve thanks for the shout out. I really like the result with the work you’ve done. The image has much more impact and an “in your face” feel to it. Perfect for the close-up of the car.

  2. Interesting to compare the difference in the two. I don’t do much if any B/W so am just a casual observer! I do like your final result…is pleasing to look at.

    • Thanks Iris…
      I looked at each colour channel in turn (sometimes worth doing if the histograms are very different in each colour) and did a levels adjustment on each channel on the colour image before converting to B&W. Then just tweaked the various colour boosts til I got what I wanted

  3. Great suggestion from Mike…I have been working on my black and white techniques and I think I need to do more of this too!

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