16 comments on “52/366 Experimental

  1. Can’t remember how many times my husband and I walked by Hound Tor on Dartmoor, Steve. According to him – an expert on Dartmoor – the name does come from The Hound of the Baskervilles but we never saw one anywhere near it…

    Great shot and very well processed. Brings back happy memories.

  2. Fascinating–it looks to me like an image from the American desert southwest. The processing has stripped out the greens we’ve seen in our other photos of the moors. The result is much more sere and barren. Probably because my husband and I have spent many of our recent vacations out in those desert places, when I see bare ground, scrub and lonely rock formations, my mind fills in the browns, reds and dusty oranges of the places with which I am familiar.

  3. The black and whites really bring out the sensational details in the landscape and the clouds just give this more dimension…a new favorite of mine!

    • Like all of these names, the shapes and folklore don’t actually meet. I have yet to clearly see a hound but from some angles you can stretch the imagination and make one out…not from here tho

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