17 comments on “46/366 Awful!

  1. I totally agree! The owners should remove them daily. However, it is a definite improvement. My asthma way very pleased when smoking bans were placed in Maryland.

  2. awful, the habit, the container, the view…
    At least it’s obvious that the butts stay at the door, but not a nice view at the entry to anywhere. Can’t say I’d frame this one Steve!

  3. I remember coming to the UK the first time after the ban was introduced, wow, what a difference it was going to the pub! I have to agree that they should empty these containers on a regular basis.

  4. We’ve had that law for many years now. You’d think the bar owner would install a specific container to dump your butts…out of sight and out of smell.
    You hit the theme for sure.

    • This is a specific container….but sits at the entrance to the bar…not a very nice welcome…but I guess way better than the smoky interior we used to have to endure.

      My beef is that I feel the bar managers should remove the butts on a regular basis…its what they did with ashtrays so why not with these eyesores.

      OK rant over 😉

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