20 comments on “44a/366 Vista revisited

  1. Your cropping did improve an already great photo. Although not in landscape format, it still has less of a vertical feel than the first and has provided some additonal expansiveness.

  2. Being I’m away not as faithful to trying to keep up with the blogs. Having the advantage of seeing both images and reading all of the comments at once, I can say that I definitely like the second one better…..and in this image you surely want the focus on the ground….and it still has enough sky. That being said, I don’t think I ever would have thought of making the changes suggested….and that’s what I love about the comments! Sometimes we are so close to our intent for an image that it is hard to look beyond that vision. I will be posting some next week that I know I will appreciate suggestions on. Good for you for knowing where to take this picture in the first place…..looks wide open and you chose a perfect spot.

  3. I like this version better…it follows the rule of 3rds and really brings out the textures and colors in the landscape!

  4. It’s good to see this again with the changes. I like this better – the landscape is so interesting and the rocks are fabulous. The sky, nice as it is, was a distraction from all of that.
    You can always keep the ‘sky’ part of the image for a photo where it’s all washed out and needs a boost 😉 I like skies too but sometimes something has to go … and you couldn’t really crop those rocks

  5. Nice image… I must admit though, I miss the sky from the first image… but like the darker tones in this one (unless it’s just my computer!!).

    In any event – great shots!

    • The tones are the same…all I did was straighten and crop…but its what the eye sees that determines the mood of the image…so interesting that less sky makes it ‘feel’ darker

  6. Love this image and after looking at the original, yes, this looks better. Mind you, the original was good too. Lovely place to visit anyhow, must seek it out next time we go to the UK.

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