19 comments on “39/366 Art

  1. Quite a talented artist to let the grain of the wood guide his hand and create this image. Of course, on-site photography has its problems in dealing with backgrounds and lighting when one can’t move a huge object such as this. I’m glad to be able to see it even if it isn’t a “perfect” photograph.

  2. I’m with Egghead(?) I think the sculpture against the brick background is fantastic but the window is a distraction for me. I’ve done this many times myself.

  3. The sculpture is wonderful and I love the contrasting color of the bricks in the background….I suppose it is some kind of blasphemy to consider cropping off a bit of his head to just have the brick wall in the background….

  4. Oh wow, this is very cool…love how it looks like it is barely balancing on that ledge…and the textures are incredible!

  5. Bronze colored wood- an eye catcher! I love how you made the grain of the wood pop , that figure was in the wood waiting to get out .
    With the wall falling away I wonder what some change of perspective would look like.

    • I retrospect yes perhaps I could have done some transform to straighten (or even crop out that darker patch), Maybe I will try it again. Thanks for the idea…

  6. I really like this image. The angle you shot from seems really good because it emphasizes how the sculpture seems to be teetering off the edge of the base. I also like the contrast in colour and the way the window is reflecting some of the sculpture’s surroundings. Very nice, Steve.

  7. Very striking image. The lines are absolutely fascinating. I’m of two minds about that window in the background. I can’t decide if it’s distracting, or it’s contributing to the visual interest of the image. Did you have another option (coming in from another angle?) I wonder, too, about the shadow in the area of the eye, where we’re missing some very interesting lines of the face. In one way, we can follow the the lines and imagine what’s there (and certainly in the larger size we can see more). But I’m just wondering (as a beginner), if there is some technique (not post-processing, but rather on-site at the time of “the click”) for filling in the light there. Or maybe the shadow is part of what makes the photograph successful? Sorry for rambling, i’m just thinking “out loud.” 🙂

    • Ramble away 😉
      Tough to get rid of the shadow on the eye as this was taken around midday…I guess a could have used some fill flash to bring some light in there…but I didn’t

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