17 comments on “37/366 Water

  1. Beautiful natural colors….it feels as if I could take off my socks right now and put my feet in that water! Love this!

  2. Such nice crisp clear clean water! Beautiful. I love all the different “textures” of the water we can see in this image, since the light is touching it in different ways in each corner.

  3. Nice shot Steve. I’m guessing, no polariser? The highlights help retain a real sense of the movement of the water. Something a lot of people would remove. Good shot.

  4. Yes it is, and the water brings out all of those beautiful natural colors. What an amazing pallet this would be to paint. The way the shadows from the rippling water hits certain spots on the rocks and the sun magnifies the brilliants in other spots and then there is the deeper shadows adding lots of drama and mystery. This is a great capture! Its like opening up a treasure chest.

  5. nice, I like the splash in the corner – have you tried cropping to the front – just the area in focus with the best colours? Might make a nice ‘strip’ of rocks

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