20 comments on “36/366 Angles

  1. I love how the stairway seems like it has time travel powers…the modern looking staircase, the pavement with painted lines at the bottom, the pipe rail on the ledge… Then at the top, an apparent castle?!? Superb. The lines and contrast are very striking. I have to look again for the face…this part is apparently lost on me, LOL

  2. I have a slow connection and the top building did seem to be sticking out its tongue as this appeared, Great tones and lines in this. I need to remember that B&W can help a nothing sky shot. Nicely done.

  3. After a hard day on the beach I would hate to be running up those stairs! 🙂 Great sharp angles and I love how the stairway leads us in a zigzag through the picture!

  4. Cool stairway. I like the black and white processing a lot. I’m a tad distracted by the building at the top because it looks like a face, with the stairway being a crazy tongue sticking out. But, that’s just me. 😉

    • The judge at our photo club on Friday noticed the face too (although I hadn’t seen it)…he did give me a highly commended so I was happy

  5. Hi Steve,
    Great shot! I love black and white pictures. It leaves your imagination open for what ever colors you want to add. Have a great day!


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