14 comments on “33/366 Square

  1. Looks like a giant printer’s rack, (or what you call it 🙂 )where they stored the printing blocks and types in the old days. Great shot.

  2. Great depth captured. Now I want to know what is beyond the screening. Don’t listen to Ron, just walk around to the doorway and take a peek inside. LOL

  3. I am loving the contrast between the straight lines of the squares and the curves of all the circles…really nice pattern and textures going on!

  4. Not knowing allows the imagination to take root. There is something about the pattern of wooden boxes and the punctuated grill that is ominously mysterious. It reminds me of the Confession boxes of my childhood.

  5. Someone put a lott of small ROUND holes inside your Square Hole. Put your camera lens close to the sctrrn focus the actual mesh out of focus select A mode and let a long exposure satisfy your curiosity

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