21 comments on “31a/366 Misty B&W

  1. I prefer the black and white – it’s more dramatic and it emotes an almost lonely feeling – any photograph that makes me have an emotion is a GREAT shot!! Kudos!

  2. The black&white one gives a more eery feel to the scene. Not sure which one I like best, they are both very good. Maybe this one illustrates the theme just a tad better 🙂

  3. I am usually a color person, but I am loving the black and white version…the tones are perfect and the black and white only enhances the mood!

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  5. Love…love…love.. LOVE the black and white!! It really gives the scene personality. Then again…I am partial to black and white… 😉

  6. B&W is my choice too – the mist didn’t call to me in either, and the B&W has a lovely quality and that interesting tree. (a little judicious clean up in PS could remove any stray branches?)

  7. Good shot Steve. In answer 100% this is better. I like the classic B&W landscape shots. Much more style. Again I’m nit picking (you know me though, best intentions always), I’d have loved for you to have moved 5 ft or so to the right. Just so the stray branch didn’t encroach on the outcrop.
    But I am really liking these you are putting up.
    Cannot wait for more.

    • Once again Mike, a fair point. I didn’t have a shot with the separation you suggest. Teach me to be more mindful of my composition when I’m out there….and nit pick away…without it I won’t improve my image taking

  8. Much prefer the B/W version………..passed right by the color version when I saw this image….so I guess that says something ……….Although not very diplomatically I suppose!!!!

  9. Although (unlike Ron) I am a fan of B&W, I prefer the color version. The muted greens showed off the mist better, added a bit of a chill and a deep sense of ancient mystery.

  10. Oh wow. Hard choice but I think I do like this version better. Perphas just because it brings the sky out more. But then, it is no longer about the mist.

    By the way, it reminds me to ask whether you got the email I sent to answer your question about how I use SEP? I sent it through your blog’s contact page.

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