29 comments on “29/366 Unforgettable

  1. There were God’s fingers in sight here yesterday, however the landscape they shined over wasn’t nearly as awesome as this scene. Didn’t know there was a ‘scientific’ term to this type of lighting.

  2. I never knew the technical term: we just call it ,”God Light.” But “Crepuscular Rays” has a certain awe and majesty about it. As does your photo. I was impressed by the rays and the glowing foreground—and then I spotted the car and realized how HUGE this place must be.

  3. Steve, If you haven’t cropped this, then spot on framing mate. The direction the of suns rays, split perfectly just off centre. Great work with the exposure too. I don’t often like blown highlights, but the crack are perfect here. They are just right.

    If I had to nit pick, and I really am nit picking I’d have maybe cloned out the 3 cars. Take them out and you could have a wall hanger here.

    Great work Steve.

    • This is not cropped at all. I left the cars in by choice to give a sense of scale but I take your point.

      Unfortunately, due to the ‘noise’ in the rocks this wouldn’t warrant hanging….thanks for the feedback and ideas Mike

  4. Awesome capture!

    In answer to your question about the Tucker controversy on our blog . . . Tucker produced 51 cars in 1948 and was forced out of business in March of 1949 due to media hype over a Securities Exchance Commision investigation and a fraud trial. Allegations were proven false and Tucker was acquitted, but by then the damage ostensibly spearheaded by The Big Three automakers and a Michigan senator had been done. Read Tucker’s Open Letter here:


    Francis Ford Coppola’s 1988 film, Tucker: The Man and His Dream also tells the story.

    • This image is fine for the internet but if you look closely it is very noisy around the rocks so would not print up well…so not a seller I’m afraid….unless you like that noisy, gritty feel 😉

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