16 comments on “27/366 Exercise

  1. Your exercise turned into perfection…I love the simplicity, the shapes and of course the sun star! Awesome!

    • Tks Melanie…no, no filter is needed…you need to close the aperture right down…f22 or smaller…extending you telephoto length helps but isn’t absolutely needed (this was at 17mm on a Canon 450D so about 27mm equivalent) and just keep the direct sun slightly hidden…its trial and error…hence the EXERCISE element

  2. Steve? I”m sure Exercise has to involve slightly more than shading your eyes, but I could be wrong cause for me exercise is mainly Jumping to Conclusions!

  3. Did you get a sneak try out on Topaz Star Effects??? I actually like the star in the forest better (probably because I like being in forests 🙂 )

  4. nice result! an interesting take on ‘exercise’ but a fabulous result. Love the moody darker colours and the interesting silhouette that set off this sunstar well.

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