18 comments on “26/366 Spiral

  1. Hey Steve, would have loved for this to have fallen within the golden ratio. The spiral is just begging for it. The only problem I have with your shots Steve, is not being able to view them full size. I always want to looking at the small details with them.
    Give me bigger pictures, massive ones, bigger than a bill-board..lol..
    Liking it once again.

    • Mike…when I export them from LR3 I restrict the ‘long side’ to 1050 pixels so that it isn’t too big for the post screen when it hits WordPress…I could export them much bigger (I take 12Mb RAW files) and could reduce the size when attaching to the post…Ill repost this one that way and see if it helps you 😉

      Problem is I will soon fill up my allowance for images

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