22 comments on “25/366 Circular

  1. Just have to give more feedback than just “like” on this post. The repeating pattern with all the subtle differences due to the fact that it’s glass, is so intriguing. The hint of the photog is also fun to pick out.

  2. Love the many circles, and the textures inside…also love how you filled the entire frame! The details turned out great!

  3. Love this! I started playing all kinds of mind games–which I imagine you never intended to be a part of the image, but I couldn’t help myself 🙂 –counting diagonally, vertically, horizontally the “full circles” in the image, working out the mathematical significance of the reflection in 3rd circle in the 2nd row, etc. 🙂

    I like the tonal shift and the contrast in the lighting in the upper half of the image compared to the lower half: very interesting.

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