16 comments on “23/366 Symmetry

  1. Good focus and well exposed Steve. I’m sorry to disappoint you though, but it’s not symmetrical. There is a small feather sticking out from behind the left-hand side 😉

  2. Before the picture rendered completely on my screen, I thought this was an ancient torque. It seems to have been inspired by designs that are age old. Your photo shows it off well–with its soft patina–against the glossy red paint.

  3. Another very striking and successful photograph. The angles of the door add to the appeal. Is the knocker exactly the same on both sides? Somehow (I’m not sure if I’m imagining this), the details of the figure on the right seem more prominent (the ring around the eye, the lines at the mouth, the horn seems thicker…): are these female and male versions of the animal?

  4. fabulous – I love doors and windows, this doorknocker is beautiful AND symmetrical – win/win 🙂 the reds are rich and play up the colour of the metal beautiully.

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