19 comments on “22/366 Best Friend

  1. Thanks for all the kind comments….these two are not actually married…just enjoy each others company (hence Best Friend) whilst taking part in this event. It isn’t a re-enactment Julie…just a few enthusiasts who enjoy dressing the part….and yes I did offer to send them a copy after showing them the image but they said not to worry…they were happy to sit for me.

  2. Is this a reenactment event? You really did get a great moment between them – did you get an address where you can send the photo? I imagine they’d really appreciate it.

  3. That is the look that tells you why they’ve been married all these years. So much in that one glance. You nailed it!
    Would you consider trying it in B&W? I’m just thinking it might cut down on the distraction from the background colors and details.

  4. Irrespective of the detail, this just smacks of being a really Classic image, I’m sure I have seen it in B&W in a newspaper years ago, or something very similar!

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