14 comments on “Agriculture – flipped

  1. I liked the first image. The lines, the details, and the composition combined to make a wonderful photo. Maybe Ron is right about the driving on different sides of the road. The second image seems a tad more comfortable.

  2. I really didn’t find the original photo orientation uncomfortable to look at. All it’s fine points really cancelled out any right to left awkwardness, I think. It was very artfully composed and art being a personal thing, it may make a difference to some. Not to me, however. When traveling, one can’t flip a right to left curving road the opposite way….

  3. Yeah, that’s it, I think anyway! My eyes follow this version in the shape of a “S” and it makes me see the whole shot foreground to background.
    Ron always comes from the left:)

  4. Really can’t decide between the two. I like whichever one I’m looking at the time. 😉 It’s very nicely done with the rows being placed on a diagonal.

  5. Forgot there was another Mike for a minute. Had to go back and look at my comment on the previous photo. Having compared both, and probably because I am right-handed (?????) I like the original better.

  6. Actually, after looking at them both again, I feel like the flipped one has a little more energy, is more, I don’t know, dynamic? Funny what a difference that can make! (And ignore the comments from the Aussie–you know he’s standing on his head all the time there anyway! 😉

  7. When you flip a photo, does that make the sun rise in the west and set in the east? Just curious! lol
    I love this photo whether it’s flipped out or not!

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