13 comments on “21/366 Abandoned

  1. I had a little smile at this one, the thought of kids walking quite a way to collect water to fill it and the fun they’d have jumping in to cool off!!!! I love it. Thanks

  2. I like the depth of field on this shot since it allows us to see how the tub, trough, and fence extend one into the other, wrapping around the top of this hill, each at different heights (it’s visually very interesting.)

    It looks like it was a bright sunny day. I imagine it was tricky handling the light with this shot.

    • Ha ha…well spotted…that why the shot ends where it does…cos the sky was blown out and I could get enough recovered detail in it so it was drawing the eye away from the subject. I don’t think I lost too much by not having it in there.

  3. Now that’s an odd spot to take a bath! 🙂 Love this, unique, grungy plus a landscape…you have a bit of everything going on!

  4. interesting find! I suppose it’s been used for stock water because the trough at the back looks damaged. Looks as though you might have been able to get some nice textures from the surfaces as well.

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