22 comments on “20/366 Silky

  1. nice tangle of branches framing the waterfall, interesting interpretation of silky, I like it – not sure about the rock in foreground, it takes away from the focus in the falls, maybe darken a bit, remove or crop closer?

    • A good solid tripod, cable release and mirror lock-up is the key Kathryn…then its just a question of the right shutter speed…and that depends on the speed of the flow

    • No ND grad Mike…but I did have a Circular polariser on board…helps to stop reflections (as I’m sure you know). I don’t have any from low down on this shoot but I’ll dig around and see what, if any, I have.

      • Of course Steve, I don’t see the reflections now. No worries if you haven’t got a low down one. Was just curious what it would have looked like. Cheers.

  2. I love the framing! It looks like we are peeking into an exotic and secluded place. I also like the interpretation of the theme through the water. Long-exposure?? Every time I see your pictures, I want to pack up the family and travel! 🙂

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