19 comments on “19/366 Agriculture

  1. I too really like the colors, leading lines and layers of this. Would you try to flip the shot horizontally? Only reason I say this is in it’s current setup it makes me kind of read the shot from right to left, against our natural instincts.
    I am certainly not a photographic traditionalist when it comes to this stuff and I like it the way it is, just curious to see what it might look like. Hope you don’t mind the constructive criticism? Thanks for the posts on my blog.

    • Mike, I welcome critique (as it says on my comment bar) so long as it constructive. I understand what you are alluding to but sometimes this gives the image more energy cos it ‘goes against the grain’….we have had this same conversation many times in my local Photo Club. I will flip it tonight when I get home from work and repost for your views….

  2. I am so inspired by your photography! I am in awe of how you present breathtaking and interesting photos every day. I love the way you composed the shot to emphasize the curve of the fields. Furthermore, the deep greens are beautiful. Excellent work!

  3. Love the curved lines which lead us through the image…also love the yellow/tans against those vivid greens and blues…very nice contrast!

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