19 comments on “18/366 Arranged

  1. There is a lot to like about this shot: composition, colors, textures, depth… but something that made me smile is the one stone in the sand, standing apart from the pack (left out from the “arrangement”). Nice!

  2. OK…seems some lexography is required…A Groyne is a wooden structure heading out into the sea to keep the sand stable…kinda like a breakwater but designed to keep the beach in place.
    There are many places with the name Warren in them around these parts….they were rabbit farms in the day gone by. The areas were ‘developed’ by piling up rocks and then covering with soil/sand etc….they would then have rabbits introduced and they would be farmed for food…the surname Warrener is still common today (ie someone who farms rabbits)

  3. the way the stones are so neatly arranged makes me wonder what their story is…nice colors and textures too!

  4. I don’t want to be the one to kick you in the Groyne, but if you arranged the rocks, can you change the Theme Title to “Deranged”? Please. LOL
    Anyway I thought She Sells Sea Shells by the Sea Shore – Not Rocks!

  5. Nice monotone with intriguing textures. BTW it’s a good thing that photos are a universal language ’cause I have no idea what you just said in words!

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