14 comments on “12/366 Religion

  1. Loving that lowdown perspective – it really makes the the church seem powerful and quite large! The details in this are incredible and I love how darkening the sky brings out the details even more!

    I bet people driving by slowed down wondering why some weird photographer was laying on the ground lol

  2. Love the composition . . . I would have liked to see a photograph of the photographer . . .
    Your processing is amazing. Love the textures and clarity. Darkening the sky was spot on.

  3. I love the concept that comes across through your pairing of “religion” with the low-shot perspective of the church. I also greatly appreciate your “extreme” photographers position on the ground!!! My kind of guy! lol…

  4. love this dark image – I think I would have been tempted to take out the more modern building on the left to focus the eye on the old church and the amazing textures in the photo.

  5. Love your dedication (I am now less hampered by the presence of a mortified teenaged daughter than I used to be.) Great work on exposure–this looks like it might have been an HDR photo.

    • I know what you mean Bobbie, but it is not HDR….the cloud was darkened with a Multiply layer then a mask used to bring back the church and sign and the dodging done on a 50% grey layer

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