24 comments on “11/366 Nature

  1. Gorgeous, his colours are fabulous. I just these little birds, when we were at Wisley Gardens recently there was one sitting there and he was quite happy to have his photo taken, he was just gorgeous as well.

  2. This is great – everything about him is perfect, right down to his toes. Really great shot – I’m not calm enough to take opportunities like this; I get flustered and excited too easily!

  3. What a cheeky fellow! You certainly took full advantage of the situation: you’ve captured the bright wary eye along with all the details of the feathers and they wooden perch, set off against the soft background.

  4. I love this shot–such a colorful, bold little fellow. You can just look into those bright little eyes! He looks ready to hop off my computer screen and check out the leftovers of MY dinner!
    The square crop is perfect for the subject. Well done!

  5. It’s a really nice capture – lots of detail in the robin and a nicely blurred background. I’m wondering about the square crop. Did you try others? Our North American robins look quite different, by the way.

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