22 comments on “10/366 Reflections

  1. A beautiful vintage feel to your image…..and to be honest I think I would like it either way……punched up or with the delicate colors in your post. What makes it special is all the wonderful detail you have captured and the great composition.

  2. I think the subtle tones here are fabulous (and I believe I’d prefer them over a more punchy palette) but I was interested in the conversations that you had with MikeC and Ericca about processing the reality out of images. I was just reading a book about Ansel Adams and he recounted being asked about the way a he represented light in a particular image. He said the question was a reminder that “many viewers expect a photograph to be the literal simulation of reality.” Clearly, he didn’t think his work needed to be that literal. 😉

  3. The restful, almost faded colors are really appealing in this vintage looking village. It seems to say “vacation from the hustle-bustle” to me.

  4. Your composition is spot on! The reflection is captured beautifully. I love your interpretation of these famous houses. I am curious… I’ve seen similar shots where the photographer had decided to markedly dial up the vibrancy and saturation of the houses. What were your thoughts/goals during the PP process?

    • Thats a good point Ericca…when I first uploaded and posted this image my feeling was it could have done with a bit more punch and saturation. But then I thought back to a conversation MikeC and I had regarding my ‘Just for Jules’ and ‘Rails’ images earlier about how we as photographer change the look of a picture to suit our ‘rose tinted specs’ view of the world. At that time I said to Mike that the sky in the ‘Rails’ image was how I remember it. So I left this image alone as the light was a little flat that day and didn’t bring out the vibrant colours in the houses.

      My feeling is the image should reflect (excuse the pun) what was seen on the day, unless of course you are being creative when anything goes 😉

  5. Wow. That is poster-worthy. I can see it in the pages of Digital Photo magazine. (If you’re not a member, consider signing up–dpmag.com–and submitting it to Your Bast Shot.)

  6. Wowzer…a new favorite of mine…the colors and reflections are both brilliant…also love how you composed this – looks like a side ways triangle which really pulls the eyes through the entire scene! Bravo!

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