21 comments on “7/366 Silhouette

  1. I would love to visit this Historical area. Did you ever take part in the “Ten Tors Cha”ange”? By the way great “Silhouette”. Of the thousands of images I have taken I have very few Silhouttes. I must remedy that.

    • No, I never have done the ’10 Tors’…its tends to be for younger people…but I have done the Caledonian Challenge when I was living in Scotland….its a 54 mile hike from Fort William to Loch Lomond…I completed it in 20 hours…i was a wee bit younger and fitter then 😉

  2. Thank you all for your comments on this one…it is one of my personal favourites taken at the end of an awesome day on the Moor

    @Jes I admire your ‘street’ shots….something I find difficult to do successfully, so I suggest you are much more than ‘halfway there’ already…

  3. Oh wow…loving this…Amazing what nature provides us with! Your talent brought out the best in this beautiful sight!

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