17 comments on “5/366 Solitude

  1. He must have been dozing for you to be able to nail that with a long exposure. the colors are stunning, as is the last-lights off the water.

    • He was very still Bobbie…exposure was around 1 second so not that long but enough to make it tough as it was hand held. Picture me lying on the ground trying to hold the camera steady 😉

  2. Hi Steve,
    Me again. I forgot to tell you about my attitude adjustment jar. My hubby bought it at a rummage sale and at the time I was working. With kids, a before and after school program, I used it there when they were having a bad day. I put little slips of paper in it for them to draw one out. They had to do what the slip of paper said. It worked most of the time. Now I use it to hold my quarters, nickels, dimes and pennies. Have a great day!


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