20 comments on “2/366 Iconic

  1. Nice contrast, sharp and colourful, what’s not to like. Got some nice shots of the Norwegian Church last time in Cardiff. It was absolutely bucketing down and 5am in the morning. What some of us will do for a shot without people in it..

  2. I like this one very much – I’ve often admired the wording on the front of the building but have never seen it this close up. Your image is superb; really crisp.

  3. This is quite an impressive building. It’s quite a creative use of glass/windows–I’ve never seen anything like it. Your photo makes the most of the light.

  4. I really like the perspective in this photo. It took me a while to realize what I was looking at and to take it all in. I love coming across interesting pictures that compel me to look deeper/closer.

  5. Spectacular, fantastic, awesome…I agree with all those adjectives. The striking graphics and color combination are what appeal to me and the angle of your photo lends additional interest. Well done!

  6. Hi Steve,
    Awesome piece of art, I really like the color of the letters against that background. Makes it really pop out. Have a great day!


  7. I like how you chose to capture the facade. Makes for a very interesting image. I also appreciate learning about an iconic building in another part of the world.

  8. Cool, Steve. I like that you brought us up close so we can get a feel for the materials and construction. For a time, my son and I watched a television series that was set in Cardiff. This iconic building and the surrounding area was featured frequently and I almost feel I’ve been there. It looks pretty fantastic, at least on TV. Is the redevelopment popular with the locals?

    • Julie, like all of these type of developments there are those that love and those that hate it. They always seem to polarize views. For my part, I liked it and judging from the number of people there it is well liked.

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